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3003/9009=1/3 then 3003/9047 should be more then 1/3 how it is less than 1/3
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To show why making the denominator bigger makes the value of the fraction smaller, consider this extreme example with a super huge denominator:
This fraction simplifies to 1/100000000, which is MUCH smaller than 1/3.

For more on this strategy see https://www.greenlighttestprep.com/module/gre-arithmetic/video/1067 (the related concept starts at 3:00)

Thanks for this!

I am enjoying learning your tricks... I am planning on barely using the calculator if not at all... Thank you..
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your tricks are just amazing.

very helpful tips and tricks..makes life so easy...thank you so much

Learned something new today! thanks
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Glad you liked the lesson!


Hello sir,
I am really finding your videos useful but I am not getting how to access all the questions related to one particular topic.Kindly guide me.
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Under most video lessons (like the video above), have a Reinforcement Activities box (like the one above) with links to practice questions related to the concepts covered in the video lesson.

Here's a better example: https://www.greenlighttestprep.com/module/gre-arithmetic/video/1071

Does that help?


Brilliant! I am very pleased that I found...I need to kick ass on this exam
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Glad you like it


Very educative, please I want find out how 2006/5987 is greater than 1/3
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We know that 2006/6018 = 1/3
So, 2006/5987 must be GREATER THAN 1/3

For more on this strategy, watch https://www.greenlighttestprep.com/module/gre-arithmetic/video/1067 (starting at 2:57)


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