Lesson: QC Strategy - Number Sense

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It's like you guys created the GRE and are just spilling all the secrets to beat it! Oh, If I had only found these videos earlier! T___T

I seceond that!

I multiplied (2x-6)/5 by 10 and got 2x-12. Where is the 4x coming from?
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(2x - 6)/5 TIMES 10 = 10(2x - 6)/5

= 2(2x - 6)/1

= 2(2x - 6)

= 4x - 12

incredible math gre lessons

The number sense technique is sweet. But needs practice. You can solve numbers in seconds.
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Glad you like it!

what if we apply x=-4. Then A must be negative , B must be positive. How could you say A is greater?
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You're referring to the question that starts at 0:20 in the above video.

Your point would be true IF x could equal -4. However, the given condition (x > 3) states that x must be greater than 3.

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