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Hey Brent can u tell me about percentiles please...


At this point, we've listed 95 of the 100 values.
So, the next value in the list will be the 95th percentile score.

like the above is from the link but i dont understand that if 701 is 95th vlaue so why is 702 in Qunatity A which is 96th value in 95% percentile....

like i dont understand percenitle is it like if i have 80 marks and its at 75% percentile my mark which is 80 is at 76 value and below are 75%
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Question link: https://gre.myprepclub.com/forum/the-75th-percentile-on-a-test-correspon...

Each percentile tells us the percentage of values less than a certain value.

For example, if there are 100 students, and they all achieve a different score on a test, then the highest score will be the 99th score, since that score is better than 99% of the scores.

Similarly, if the first 95 scores are as follows, {1,1,1,...(25 1's in total),...1,1,1,450,451,451,451,...(49 451's in total),451,451,451,451...700, 701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701,701, .....}, then the next score, say 702, will be the 95th percentile score because it is greater than 95% of the scores

If you're told that your score of 80 is in the 75th percentile, then that means 75% of the test takers scored lower than 80 on the test.
Here's an example in which your score of 80 would be a 75th percentile score.
In a class of 100 students, 75 students received a score of exactly 60.
You achieved the score of 80.
And the remaining 24 students achieved a score of 100.
Since your score is greater than 75 of the 100 students, your score is a 75th percentile score.

Does that help?


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