Question: Adding k to a Set

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I found this solution a little confusing.

It simplified it in my mind to substitute the variables w+x+y+z=32 and then, w+x+y+z+k=50. I was able to clearly see what needed to be done next. When I substituted what I knew, I got the equation 32+k=50, which gives me k=18. It just made a little more sense in my brain this way.
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Fair enough! Whatever works best is best :-)

I hope this difficulty level is maintained at the exam!
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The GRE is computer adaptive, so the second section of quant questions will be on the edge of your capabilities. For more, see: (starting around 1:40)

So does that mean I should do so good at the first Quant section :D ?
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Funny though, I thought we add k to each of the four numbers, and thus found different solution.

Need to be more careful reading the question.
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Good point!
There's an important distinction between "When k is added to the four numbers" and "When k is added to EACH of the four numbers."

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