Question: Triangle in the x-y Plane

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How is the base length 3
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For this question, we're saying that the side along the y-axis is the base.

So, the base is the side that lies between (0, -2) and (0, 1) on the y-axis.

If you sketch that side, you'll find that it has length 3.

Does that help?


How do we know the height is 4 anywhere from 4,b to the y axis?
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If we say the base of the triangle is the side that's on the y-axis, then the height will be the PERPENDICULAR distance from the 3rd vertex to the triangle's base.

Since the line x = 4 is always 4 units from the y-axis, the height of the triangle will always be 4.

It may be easier to understand this concept is we rotate our diagram so that the triangle's base is horizontal:

Does that help?

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