Lesson: Introduction to the Argument Essay

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These videos are amazing ! Thank you!

In an issue essay can i give fictitious examples to buttress my points?
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Sure, but don't use examples that can be fact-checked.

For example, it would be a bad idea to claim that Albert Einstein invented the iPhone.
However, claiming that your 90-year-old grandmother still plays tennis would be fine.


I think fictitious examples can really work out in your favor, particularly personal examples. I don't think the essay evaluators do any serious, in-depth fact-checking (except for really crazy assertions).

I had a good laugh there. Thanks Brent.

Hi Brent,

I cant access the essay prompts for issue and argument essay that is been mentioned below the video. I tried logging in to ETS website but it is not working,Can you give an alternative links.
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Thanks for the heads up!
Not sure why ETS has to change its links to the same documents.
The links are now working.
Thanks again!!

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