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Thank you for the videos! It help me revise counting technics in a fast way! thank you!

Amazing new tricky problem !! I chose first Column B because I only calculated 2 for Column A! Many thanks for the wonderful problems you provided and the different approaches you explain for each problem.

I didn't even do any calculations to reason that the answer is D. My line of reasoning was that we don't know how many members actually make up the party-planning committee, so because of this, we just can't even answer the question. Hence, D.
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Even though you reached the correct answer, your rationale would have messed you up if the question had read "....there are 20 ways to choose R employees"

In the original question, the correct answer is D since 6C2 = 15 (i.e., R = 2) and 6C4 = 15 (i.e., R = 4).
However, if we know that 6CR = 20, then we can be certain that R = 3

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