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How do you that the blank is negative?
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We can reword the sentence to say "Looking back, it's unusual that so many people wanted to be mayor since the city was obviously ready to ______

In order for it to be remarkable (unusual) that so many people wanted to be mayor, it must be the case that being mayor would be a bad job.
So, we need something negative in the blank.

Does that help?


It looks great against your explanation when you add a word "unusual". But how we can say that blank is negative in the actual question. it might be the case the people wanted the job in order to prosper and flourish.
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We have: The REMARKABLE thing about the mayoral race, in retrospect, is that so many people wanted the job of managing a municipality so obviously about to _______.

The key word here is REMARKABLE. In my summary, I replaced it with UNUSUAL. We could also use SURPRISING.

The main idea here is that we have a bunch of people who wanted to be mayor, and for some reason this is REMARKABLE.

If the job had a lot of positive aspects to it, it wouldn't be REMARKABLE/SURPRISING that so many people wanted the job.

For example, we wouldn't say "I find it REMARKABLE that so many people would want a great job in which they can prosper and flourish"
There's nothing REMARKABLE about people wanting a job that has many positive aspects about it. Everyone would like a great job.

Conversely, it WOULD be remarkable if everyone were clamoring to apply for a job that was less than ideal.

Does that help?


Thanks for the great explanation

How does equanimity mean a fairness of judgement?? I thought it meant being calm/composed (ex. in the face of stress)?
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I think you're right. Not sure where I got that definition!

please explain this question a bit elaborately.
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The word EVEN sets up a contrast by suggesting these people are behaving in a manner that CONTRADICTS the way in which those same people judge others.

Here are some similar examples:

EVEN people who wear ridiculous hats feel justified criticizing people who wear ridiculous hats.

EVEN people who have never played football feel justified criticizing those who aren't good football players.

In this example, we have people criticizing public figures who have been caught exhibiting immoral behavior.
The word EVEN suggests that these people also exhibit immoral behavior.

In the sentence, the critical people LACK something.
So what would an immoral person lack?

He/she would lack RECTITUDE and PROBITY

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