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If it asks for just "how many prime factors?" would it then be the case that the answer is 6? or does "prime factors" imply unique factors?
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Good question. The word "different" implies "unique."

Hi Brent,
So if the question asked for how many prime factors does 8500 has, is the answer 6 ?
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I don't think the test-makers would ask that question. It seems too ambiguous to me.

Dear Sir

If a is a repeating decimal and k • a is a terminating decimal, which of the following is a possible value of k?

3 correct

Please help me to solve this problem.

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Choose some nice numbers that meet the given conditions.

One repeating decimal that comes to mind is 0.33333... (this repeating decimal is equal to 1/3)

So, let's say a = 0.33333...

If we multiply a by 3, we get 1, which is a terminating decimal.

So, if k = 3, then both conditions are met (a is a repeating decimal and ka is a terminating decimal)

Thank you sir.

Hi Brent! Could you explain this question?

Why is E not the right answer?
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